[VIDEO] Workstation Wellness #1: Hips higher than 90°

Injury, Pain, & Not Feeling Great at Work is COMMON! Your Workstation Setup is a HUGE part of Injury Prevention & Feeling Great.

That’s why we created this six-part video series on workstation wellness!

Number one on the list, hips higher than 90, okay?

Most ergonomic literature. And also when you, when people come into the office and we ask them, Hey, what height should you have your, your, your seat at?

Most people answer 90 degrees!  90 at the knees and 90 at the hips.

That’s what most people think it should be.

That’s actually not the ideal. Here’s why, because if your hip is at 90 degrees, that is very close to our in range position of our hip.

It’s not necessary. We don’t have as much movement available to us at our hips and at our spine. And most importantly, is it tends to facilitate us a Flexed Slouched Posture

 The Pelvis tend to roll back. Causing a loss of your base and lose your pelvis, there’s no way to have good alignment for any length of time.

Workstation is very much about having good alignment and good posture, or said different to get your physics right. But also not paying for it by working hard

The head weighs about 12 pounds.

It’s about the weight of an average says bowling ball. Okay. What do you think happens if we put a bowling ball at the end of the stick.

How hard do you think your muscles have to work in your, in your back and shoulder blades to hold?

This where most people tend to end up as most workstations tend to encourage, this position which is not ideal

The harder muscles work, they get stiff, and the more tense they get.

They can get pretty uncomfortable and then that could even lead down the road to injury, pain, and prolonged discomfort.

It’s a drain on your energy. So who wants to have pain at work? Not me.

I don’t think you do either.

So here’s what you want to get right. So part a is getting the seat height, right?

Your hips and knees should not be at 90 90!

You want your hips to be two to four inches higher than your knees. Your knees should be below the hips.

So there should be an open angle where you can tilt back and forth with good hip and lumbar motion

To start with, if you’re active in working, we want to be more of an active working position. So it’s, it’s all about having the hips higher than your knees

Without the old school 90 90 position.

Don’t do it. We want to more open hip angle, allows us to move, makes our hips and spine move freely, makes sitting up easy, which is the whole point.

Posture doesn’t have to be about hard work. Good posture should be easy, if you get the work station right.

So that’s step one on our framework. Hips higher than knees, two to four inches. So stay tuned for our next video.

Our next. Video we’re going to talk about stacking the pelvis.

So see everybody soon. Take care guys.  And keep on thriving!

to your health & success!

you Thrive Team


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Your Thrive Team

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