How’s your mobility?

Mobility & Movement is a FOUNDATION of Health!

All tissues in the body from joints, muscles, bones, organs, and even the nervous system relies on physical activity and movement for health.

But Most Americans Lack Mobility in the:

  • Hips
  • Ankles
  • Spine

Unfortunately, accelerated “Wear & Tear” & Arthritis can be the result of a stiff non mobile joints.

A recent study showed children and adults spend approximately 7.7 hours per day more than half of their waking time being sedentary (U.S. National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey: NHANES)

According to CDC statistics only 23% of Americans 18-65 meet the recommended guidelines for daily activity. Adolescents age 6-17 years of age fair slightly better 24%in meeting the guidelines of 60 minutes of exercise per day.

Obesity a major risk for many unwanted health conditions, has increased worldwide by 27.5% in adults and 47.1% in children/Adolescent in last 33 years (Medical News Today )

We’re playing less now

These day diversity of physical activity and play is less common.

I have observed physical problems in kids like headaches and back pain in my practice more frequently in recent years.

For a body to be healthy and capable of “Moving Well” requires mobility sounds intuitively obvious.

However, most lack mobility in their hips, ankles, spines, and shoulder girdles adversely effects different activities.

A lack of hip flexion and ankle mobility negatively impacts the ability to squat, lifting from the ground, and how well we are able to sit in a chair or on the floor.

When a person is not sensitive or having pain, a lack of mobility is experienced by feeling “stiff” and movements are more difficult.

If the individual is sensitive and having pain, mobility deficits are experienced as discomfort or even pain during or after the activity.

In addition, a lack of mobility in large joints and the spine can lead to premature degeneration, arthritis, or even pain.

Fortunately, Mobility can be easily improved with a little Sweat Equity!

Improve your mobility today

Here is are a few “competency checks” to improve YOUR MOBILITY.



How are you feeling?

The better the body works the easier it is to move well, injuries occur less frequently, and degeneration occurs more slowly.

The better we feel the easier it is to be active. The more active we are the more energy we have.

The more energy we have the better we feel. The better we feel the easier it is to make positive choices and pursue what makes us happy.

The more positive choices we make the better we feel and the more momentum we generate towards what matters to us and a healthy active life.

Restoring Mobility is a MAJOR area of Focus in Our Programs.

And It Should Be Something YOU work on REGULARLY!

Not only for Injury Prevention..

But because It’s FUN!

If you are suffering from a Lack of Mobility and or “Stiffness” We Can Help.

If Fitness is Your Concern, check out  Fit to Thrive. It’s designed to help people prevent injuries and to provide the foundation needed to feel their best and maintain their health long-term.

If Healthy Habits & the Bigger Picture is Your Concern, Transformation Academy is designed to help you build the “Systems & Habits” to be balanced & healthy long-term.

I’m Clarke Tanner, cofounder of Thrive Physical Therapy and Wellness.

At Thrive, we help you recognize and overcome what’s limiting you.

But we don’t stop there… We work alongside you to create a lifestyle that lets you feel your best do what bring you joy for years to come.

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