How to eliminate back pain for good (yes, really!)

Ninety percent of us will suffer from a spine Issue in our lives! Of those who experience Back Pain as high as 1/3 will go on to develop chronic long lasting symptoms.

We never want anyone to be in that situation!

We know it can be frustrating to miss out on activities you love because of a physical issue or to feel like your fitness is slipping away without knowing what to do about it.

We also understand there is more to it than just an injury, it’s about feeling good and the ability to enjoy life.

Living with a Chronic Back Issue and accepting declining healthy doesn’t have to happen!

You can take control of your health with the right plan!

Our professionals and programs have helped thousands of people resolve their physical issues and to stay active and fit.

Here are the Five Critical areas we to address in order to eliminate back issues and be FIT long term.

If you’re unfortunate enough to have back issues currently and want to get rid of them, or perhaps you just want to avoid them all together.

Here is an algorithm we have found works very well for helping people resolve back issues.

I’ll tell you what they are and then we’ll, then we’ll go through and discuss each one.


Mindset is huge, which is why we listed it first!

There has been a lot of great research over the last 20 years around the Physiology of Pain and how it becomes Chronic.

What we Focus On, Think, and Worry about, can elevate the nervous system and creates a cascade of events which exaggerates inflammatory response, which tends to make symptoms worse.

Critical to understand is to know how to shape your mindset so your brain becomes an ally in calming your nervous system steering you away from symptoms.

There are steps in the process in how to do that effectively.

But Mindset is the first key component to address in Chronic Pain and injury, particularly spine issues as they all starts with mindset.


It is necessary to have a certain degree of mobility.

For example, if you don’t have good hip motion, then your spine will make up for any mobility you’re lacking.

Key areas you want to make sure you have enough range is in the thoracic spine and hips. The third key area is in the ankles.

Having sufficient mobility is a huge component to whether someone will or won’t Move Well, and whether their Spine will compensate and have increased stress as a result.

Often solving someone’s back issue has a lot to do with gaining mobility where they don’t have it. Everyone tends to be less mobile as time passes, if we don’t work on it.

Knowing what to work on and how to get that to change.

Core strength

There’s been a lot of great research on core stability.

When we talk about Core we are referring to the inner most abdominal muscles which create structure similar to a cylinder.

The front and sides are formed by the Transverse Abdominus. The back of the cylinder is the Multifidus. And the bottom is the Pelvic floor and Glutes. And the top of that cylinder is the diaphragm.

All of which have to be functioning well literally from the inside out to have for an efficient and healthy spine!

Core is a big topic and kind of a buzz word, these days. There’s more to it than just having a strong core, than most people think

It is necessary to have strength. But you can’t superimpose strength on top of a weak foundation.

Movement IQ

Movement IQ is one of the single most important things to remaining healthy over the long haul.

Whether you are trying to get over a back issue or prevented back issue, the ability to move well is critical!

How we sit, how we stand, how we move puts more or less stress on your tissues based on how efficiently you do it.

MOVEMENT is critical to health and it is the process through which our tissues adapt and get stronger. The more we move, the more efficiently we move, the more resilient our body’s get.

Also, movement is important for brain health and our body’s biochemical state.

Moving well and doing it regularly is hugely important if you want to stay injury free and feel your best.

Pillars of Health

A long-standing back issue physical things usually just the tip of the iceberg.

Many times, back pain has its origins in not sleeping well, poor nutrition, and lacking fitness.

It is necessary base level foundation for things to heal properly and to feel your best as it effects our inflammatory response.

Having strong Pillars of Health, is the tide that raises all ships!

Ultimately you have to eat and sleep well and to be FIT.

When people struggle it usually has to do with some component of the preceding that has not been solved well.

When you can put the puzzle pieces together in an effective way, you can get rid of any kind of back issue or stop yourself from getting a back issue to start with on and stay healthy through your life.

How can Thrive help?

If you are struggling with an injury or not feeling your best their are steps you can take.

We have helped thousands of people suffering with Spine issues restore their health.

Assisting our clients to take control of their health and get back to activities they love is the focus of our Fit to Thrive and Transformation Academy Programs.

Here is the process:

  1. Schedule an appointment for consultation
  2. We give you a customized Thrive Success Action Plan
  3. We work together to help you reach your health and wellness goals

Call to schedule an appointment today!

I’m Clarke Tanner, cofounder of Thrive Physical Therapy and Wellness.

At Thrive, we help you recognize and overcome what’s limiting you.

But we don’t stop there… We work alongside you to create a lifestyle that lets you feel your best do what bring you joy for years to come.

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