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What a health setback taught me

Clarke's cat sits on his back as he lies face down after surprise retinal surgery.

Okay, that was not how I wanted to spend my week… But surprise retinal surgery brings the opportunity to practice what we teach!

Here are a few takeaways from my week spent face down and off my screens.

When you’re unaware of something, that means it’s working well

I have never been so thankful for two working eye’s & the ability to sit up with straight until I didn’t have either.

Appreciate and be grateful for the small things, because they are the big things that really matter!

Quiet time ≠ unproductive time

We all need quiet time to think, gain clarity, & build energy to accomplish what needs to be accomplished — or let go of what doesn’t.

Worry is normal — and something to learn from

Medical professionals sometimes inadvertently put worrisome thoughts in your head that are out of your control.

Everyone experiences emotional highs, lows, and fear when a path is uncertain.

Don’t stay in fear and worry, use them to learn more and focus on what gives you the best chance at a positive outcome. With momentum and confidence, even if things aren’t okay in the moment. they will be in time.

Count your blessings

Never forget that your family, friends, and people you work with are true blessings in life — they are the ones who help you get back on your feet, dust you off, and get going again!

And yes, family includes your furry loved ones, too.

Here are the Steps to Overcome Challenges:

  • Build reserves through regular exercise & sound health habits when all is quiet
  • Gain knowledge of steps to move forward from trusted professionals
  • Get the “basics right”: sleep, nutrition, water intake, & sound exercise progression
  • Mindset matters! Clear you mind through deep relaxed breathing, & focus on the actions required to control the outcome
  • Be thankful for and connect with encouraging family & friends

Wishing you health, happiness, & success!

Clarke & your Thrive Team

PS. Do You have a Physical Challenge You to Overcome?

Let Us Help!

If you are struggling with pain, stiffness, or just not feeling your best at work and are tired of it take action!

We have helped thousands of people suffering with Spine issues restore their health.

Assisting our clients to take control of their health and get back to activities they love is the focus of our Fit to Thrive and Transformation Academy Programs.

Here is the Process:

  1. Schedule an appointment for consultation
  2. We give you a customized Thrive Success Action Plan
  3. We work together to help you reach your health and wellness goals

Call to schedule and appointment today!

I’m Clarke Tanner, cofounder of Thrive Physical Therapy and Wellness.

At Thrive, we help you recognize and overcome what’s limiting you.

But we don’t stop there… We work alongside you to create a lifestyle that lets you feel your best do what bring you joy for years to come.

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