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A simple framework to be more resilient

Injuries Happen, Loved Ones Have Issues, Work Problems Come UP, etc..

How Do you Overcome and Move Forward? Ever wished you had a good way to get back on track after Challenges & Setback come our way?

When something happens like an injury, the longer we think about and focus on it without taking action, the more it spikes our cortisol level and affects our inflammatory markers in the blood, which tends to make things hurt more.

It adversely affects our mood and lowers testosterone levels.

The End Result is we don’t feel Good.

And if we’re paying attention to what we wanted to be different, the comparison of what we thought should happen.

Then we don’t really Move Forward. It doesn’t help us get into a MINDSET where you can move past it. Here’s a Framework to help you make progress right away and get past it quickly — to be more Resilient and Succeed!

First. Let go.

The first step in overcoming challenges is to let go and decide that I’m not going to focus on what it should have been.

Second, is decide you are going to move past it and what actions you are going to take.

Look to LEARN from the Experience.

To COMMIT to do whatever is needed!

To AVOID focusing on what it SHOULD Have Been, or Could Have Been, and Move Past IT.

Use it as a LEARNING Experience.

If it was a FAILURE in your MIND.

NOTHING is a Failure unless, you FAIL to LEARN from IT!

DECIDE to Move Forward.

To CHOICE to view it from a GROWTH Mindset.

Second, is to FOCUS on What You Want & Where You Want to GO.

Do you want to get over that injury?

Do you want to change something in your life?

Make What You Want Your goal!

Focus on IT and Take the Steps Needed to Get IT.

It is Like Inputting directions into your GPS.

First, you have to know where you are. Okay?

Then you need to Know exactly where you want to go, WHAT you want to achieve..

and What Needs to be Done to Get THERE.

Then you can come up with the ADAPTABLE Route to Get There.

Injuries and Setbacks Always take Effort & Hard Work to Overcome.

Be WILLING to put in the WORK,

Take the ATTITUDE that in time,

Whatever happened will be one of the BEST Things that ever happened to you.

Do What is Needed to Make the Outcome Positive.

Next is to be OPEN.

To the IDEA that better things are right behind it.

Be open to the next door that opens when one closes.

Be willing to SEIZE the OPPORTUNITY and Embrace IT. Be willing to PIVOT and change your Direction and willing to CHANGE Yourself.

Be ADAPTABLE, Willing to CHANGE, be willing to figure out a NEW ROUTE, to get where you want to go. Be FLEXIBLE and willing to PIVOT to get the Results you WANT.

If you are suffering from Pain, Injury, or Weakness We Can Help!

If Pain or an Injury is Your Concern and you live in Richmond, Virginia, contact us! We would love to help you heal and get stronger so you can THRIVE.

If Fitness is Your Concern:

The Fit to Thrive program is designed to help people prevent injuries and to provide the foundation needed to feel their best and maintain their health long-term.

If Healthy Habits & the Bigger Picture is Your Concern:

The Transformation Academy is designed to help you build the “Systems & Habits” to be balanced & healthy long-term.

I’m Clarke Tanner, cofounder of Thrive Physical Therapy and Wellness.

At Thrive, we help you recognize and overcome what’s limiting you.

But we don’t stop there… We work alongside you to create a lifestyle that lets you feel your best do what bring you joy for years to come.

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