What’s your Movement IQ?

Arguably Our MOST Critical IQ is Less Frequently Talked About. There’s your mental IQ, your emotional IQ…

The most important — at least as far as we’re concerned here at Thrive — is the one that doesn’t get talked about a whole lot: Movement IQ.

What the heck is that?

That is how well can you do the things that you have to do during your normal daily activities

  • Sitting
  • Standing
  • Walking
  • Going up and down stairs
  • Carrying groceries

Or the things you love to do, like biking, hiking, participating in a sport activity.

Can you do those things easily?

Or do you pay for them after the fact? Do you get hurt when you do them?

Are you sore for a week after or do they feel good?

If you feel good, your Movement IQ is high

This is a good way to measure it!

Do the activities feel Easy or do you “Pay For IT” with a lot of residual?

Chances are, if you feel good, your Movement IQ is high.

I would argue this is he most important of our  IQ’s because is supports all of your systems and everything around life.

Research has shown that moving regularly & exercising is critical

It helps us to be more physically capable as we get older. Help us to connect with others.

It boost our mental state and those who exercise tend to take better care of themselves.

They tend to be healthier and more physically capable as time passes and their life satisfaction ratings are higher.

As time we naturally drift towards being less mobile, more stiff, and strength declines

But this doesn’t have to happen!

You Can GET better & Remain Physically Capable with the passing of time!

How would you grade your Movement IQ?

Where would you put yourself on that scale?

Would you give yourself an A, B, would you give yourself a C, or maybe even a D!

If you’re in these, there’s these grades that you don’t want it to be?

Here’s another good way to evaluate your “Movement IQ”: test how challenging it is to get up and down from the floor!

From standing attempt to lie down on the floor and then stand back without using your hands.

If you can do the test, research shows you will live longer and that you are more likely to remain physically capable as time passes

This test takes a fair amount of mobility, balance, and strength to be able to pull it off without using your hands.

It is a good basic “Movement IQ” test to determine where you are. Give it a try.

There are many other good ones, some of which are more difficult!

So where do you stack up?

If it is easy, great job and keep up the good work. It not, you can work toward improving it. It just takes practice and a little sweat equity.

I’m Clarke Tanner, cofounder of Thrive Physical Therapy and Wellness.

At Thrive, we help you recognize and overcome what’s limiting you.

But we don’t stop there… We work alongside you to create a lifestyle that lets you feel your best do what bring you joy for years to come.

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